Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We earlier had an option to embed Youform as a modal popup. Now you can embed it to be in bottom right of the screen.
Just go to the share tab of your form and select popup option in embed section then select "bottom right" option for the position. Default is Center (or modal view).
Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 7
The bottom-right popup will look like this:
Progress bar is now shown in the forms. Check at the top of each form.
Filling Youform in mobile is now even better with this new UI:
screenshot-rocks (45)
It's now even better to fill a Youform with improved keyboard navigations.
File upload block now supports drag & drop and file paste as well.
So your users will find it easier to fill forms. Moreover we now show upload percentage as well to give better feedback to user when file size is large.
The logic builder is now live in Youform!
For example, if a user chooses option A, you can have it show them question X next.
But if they choose option B, have it show them question Y next.
Here's a live form showing it in action:
Connecting a form with Google Sheets but it already has submissions? Now you will be asked if you want to sync the previous submissions to Sheets.
There was a bug with Google Sheets integration that when you don't select the drive access, the integration would fail silently.
Now if it doesn't has the required permissions, we will ask you to authenticate with Google again.
You can get submissions in your Slack. This is available in free plan as well. Hope you will like it.
Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 10
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